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  "Light is the ultimate makeup"

I wanted to draw and create beautiful dresses like my grandma, so I decided to study

fashion design.

At the design school, I met the work of great fashion photographers like Richard Avedon and Peter Lindbergh who inspired me to study photography.

I decided to take a professional course at the

Institute of Barcelona,


After, I took and a specialisation course in color processing.



Assisted photographers and did some model photo books.

I worked in a professional color printing lab for one year.

I learnt a lot about color grading.


I was offered to work as a trainee in the wardrobe department in a movie. It was then when I discovered


makeup, filmmaking and team work. 


At the same time I studied

makeup, special effects and hair and I ended up working as a makeup artist in films and commercials.


I remember being fascinated about photography in films.

I wanted to be like a "skin focus puller" in adjusting makeup with light.


In 1999 I worked in my first film as a makeup designer. Since then, I did a wide range of makeup and hair assignments including

films, television,

advertising campaigns and photography.

I feel so thankful for these nominations and awards:

Film Academy Goya Awards -  Nominee - Best Makeup and Hair - PA NEGRE (2011)

Film Academy Gaudí Awards - Won - Best Makeup and Hair - INCERTA GLORIA (2018)

Film Academy Gaudí Awards - Won - Best Makeup and Hair - REC4 (2015)

Film Academy Gaudí Awards - Won - Best Makeup and Hair - PA NEGRE (2011)

Film Academy Gaudí Awards - Nominee - Best Makeup and Hair - SLEEP TIGHT (2013)

Film Academy Gaudí Awards - Nominee - Best Makeup and Hair - THE FOREST (2012)

APCP Awards 2020 - Nominee - Best Makeup and Hair 


I was born in Asturias, at the north of Spain.

My parents moved to Catalonia and I was sent to visit my grandparents every summer.

I was excited about getting on a plane and meeting new people.

My grandmother had a dressing school and she used to paint, like my father.

My mother loved movies. 

So I spent my childhood watching films, drawing and painting.

I also studied music for ten years.

Music taught me hearing color.


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